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Precision Wellness,
based on DNA.

Understand your genes and change your lifestyle and habits for a better health.

the Complex 

Regene is more than a DNA testing company. We build an ecoystem to make smarter life decisions for you and your family by cracking your wellness code using DNA.

Advance technology in analyzing genetics  

Using a Microarray technology in screening expression levels of our hundreds of thousands custom target genetic points in a custom panel using a Polygenic Risk Score to improve accuracy.

Brings health closer

to your family

Using Sequencing both by Miseq and Whole Exome Sequencing, we analyze exons which holding protein-coding crucial in development of disease for your family planning

Our Technology

Full spectrum genetics laboratorium

and digital clinic solution

Regene Genetics

One test for lifetime benefits

With a single swab inside your cheek and posting it to our laboratorium, we decode your genetic information and deliver them at your finger tips. A hassle free action for a lifetime of change

Plans & Pricing

We’re Changing the Way the World

Thinks About Genetics

Investing in a right lifestyle is never been easier with Regene. Our DNA test will show you more than 500 reports including Cancer, Nutrigenomic, Wellness, Pharmaco, Fitness, Nervous System  and General Health information

Permulaan aku grogi waktu ambil test dna Regene karena takut banyak penyakit. Setelah di-test dan dijelaskan, semua kekhawatiran jadi hilang karena mengetahui kesehatan aku di masa depan ternyata sangat menguntungkan. Test dna nya lengkap bener... 

Michael Tan

Pengusaha Tekstil 

Tes DNA sangat mudah bisa dilakukan sendiri. Hasil dna saya sangat lengkap dan membuka pengetahuan saya tentang genetik. Dokter genetika yang menjelaskan laporan saya sangat membantu supaya lebih mengerti potensi penyakit dan asupan makanan yang cocok buat diri saya. Regene mantap!

Hikmat Hardono
Indonesia Mengajar

I just finished using Regene's DNA test and it was very easy. After the result arrived, I feel very excited with my genetic result. I would definitely say anyone should get this test as soon as possible. To know your future health is the best investment for you!


Universitas Indonesia Graduate


What Our Clients Are Saying

Industry Standard

Business partners

A Better Way to Collaborate

Regene invite healthcare stakeholder such as hospitals, laboratoriums, clinics to partnership with us in order to empower your services with our genetics based solution  

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