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Indonesia Biotech Startup

Regene is a biotech company engaging in DNA services consist of team with over than 12 years experience in genetic industry. Regene has a deep knowledge about Indonesia genetics market and has completed extensive research which focused on precision wellness.

Simplifying the Complex 

Our laboratorium use Advanced Clinical-Grade Technology to perform Genotyping and Sequencing powered by illumina comprise of Microarrays (reading more than 2m markers), Miseq (targeted sequencing for more than 20m markers) and Novaseq (whole gene scan of your protein coding for more than 31m markers).

Excellence Accuracy

Regene is using Polygenic Risk Scores (PRS), a computational algorithm that combines information from all of the variants into a number that is approved to be used in healthcare industry. Improving risk prediction for common chronic diseases using genetic data up to 99,998% accuracy.

500+ Genetic Reports

With more than 2.500 reports in our pipeline, currently Regene already can produce 500+ genetic reports just with a single swab. This include nutrigenomic, cancer, sport, wellness, pharmaco, general diseases, general health, nervous system or any report customization based on our partner's requirement.

Collaborative Genomic Service

Invites all healthcare stakeholder to collaborate:

* Genetic lab outsourcing

* Pipeline building and genomic data interpretation

* Bioinformatics analysis and development

* Genomics research collaboration

Empowerment based on DNA 

DNA is human blueprint. Creating a precise product or service based upon DNA is the key diferentiator among competitor. From a simple aesthetic treatment to a complex diet food ingridient based on DNA will make your business augmented to more targeted loyal customer.

There Is Something for Everyone

Calling all the healthcare, wellness, education institution stakeholder and communities together with us growing a better future health for our customers.  

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