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General Terms & Condition

Dear Users,


Regene provided this Terms & Condition (“T&C”) for your convenient in reviewing the benefits, risks, and limitation within the genetic testing Regene provides as “Service(s)” as described in further detail bellow through Regene App.,, Regene Lab, PT Regene Artifisial Inteligen and our affiliated companies, collectively referred to as “Regene”. Regene will also explain how your information and sample will be used in connection with the Service.


Through the Services, “you”, “your”, “me”, “my”, and “I” refer to the person who uses Regene, (including in the event where you are a parent or guardian registering to Services for a minor). By proceeding with the use of Regene, you confirm and acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to this T&C along with the Informed Consent contain within.  You understand that the Service is voluntary and you are not to require having the Service, you (along with your guardian, or your parent, as applicable) may speak with a healthcare provider about this Service.

Once you obtain your Genetic Information, the knowledge is irrevocable. You should not assume that any information we may be able to provide to you, whether now or as genetic research advances, will be welcome or positive. You should also understand that as research advances, in order for you to assess the meaning of your deoxyribonucleic acid (“DNA”) in the context of such advances, you may need to obtain further services from Regene, your physician, a genetic counselor, or other health care provider.


We encourage you to talk to a genetic counselor, a health professional with special training in genetic conditions, prior to collecting your sample for testing to learn more so you can make an informed decision about whether testing is right for you. Those professionals also can help you understand your results and options.




Shall you use our Service, you will be asked to provide your Personal Health Profile (“HP”), in order for the Service to be provided as intended, you (or your guardian or parent submitting on your behalf) must provide correct, true and accurate information. By agreeing to this T&C, you represent and warrant that you have the authorization to submit such information and that the information submitted is correct, true and accurate upon submission. In the event where you are providing information/data for you relatives, you hereby represent and warrant that you have the authorization or obtained the consent from such relatives to submit his/her information/data to Regene.



  1. The Services include access to the Regene’s site and personal DNA processing services, including the collection and analysis of your DNA sample. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, each new feature that augments or enhances the current Service shall be subject to the T&C. You acknowledge and agree that the Services are provided "AS-IS" and are based on the current state of the art of genetic research and technology in use by us at the time of the purchase or viewing. As research progresses and scientific knowledge and technology evolve, we are constantly innovating in order to provide the best possible experience for its users. You acknowledge and agree that the form and nature of the Services which Regene provides may change from time to time without prior notice to you. As part of this continuing innovation, you acknowledge and agree that Regene may stop (permanently or temporarily) providing some Services (or any features within the Services) to you or to users generally at Regene's sole discretion, without prior notice to you. You may stop using the Services at any time. You do not need to specifically inform Regene when you stop using the Services unless you are requesting closure of your account.  Regene assumes no responsibility for the use of Services outside the terms of this T&C or other applicable terms.

  2. In order to use the Services, you must obtain Internet access, either directly or through devices that access web-based content /app and pay any service fees associated with such access. You are solely responsible for paying such fees. In addition, you must provide all equipment necessary to make such Internet connection, such as a computer and modem or other access device. You are solely responsible for providing such equipment. You acknowledge and agree that while Regene may not currently have set a fixed upper limit on the number of transmissions you may send or receive through the Services or on the amount of storage space used for the provision of any Service, such fixed upper limits may be set by Regene at any time, at Regene's discretion.



Shall you choose a DNA Testing Services then you will be asked to provide a DNA sample in accordance with our collection procedure, whereby your sample along with your HP will be provided to Regene Lab. DNA will be extracted and isolated to be analyzed further. Genetic data analyzed by Regene Lab may be used for regulatory compliances, de-identified for internal quality control, validation studies, research and development purposes and others as Regene see fit by still complying to the prevailing regulation. Please note that the DNA Testing Services by Regene will not occur unless you provide your consent to Regene’s products or Services or unless you opt into third party research and Regene’s research database as elaborated further bellow.

Upon completion of Regene Lab analysis you may be able to view your result in Regene App, or or even download our result, however Regene recommends you to consult with Regene team about your result.


Regene’s Services (including, among others, Regene Test(s), products, mobile app, software, services, consultation and website) is designed to assess mutations in genes associated with hereditary tendency and/or risk in 500+ panel reports by using genotyping technology through the detection of mutation. Genomic DNA is extracted from buccal cell, amplifying, incubating, fragmenting, precipitating, hybridizing, staining into our machine into Genotyping libraries compatible with the Illumina platform. Standard laboratory procedures are carried out where probes are specifically designed to enhance the coverage of the targeted region. This would ensure detection accuracy while reducing the DNA amount required for Regene Test.

Regene Test results are evaluated by qualified professionals where appropriate. Risk estimation for other categories of Regene Test is calculated based on test results and information provided by you (including but not limited to gender, ethnicity, etc.). Regene Test is performed at molecular diagnostic laboratories adhering to international and local standards.

DNA Test Benefit:


The result of Regene Lab analysis may show you that you may have a higher risk of developing certain types of disease, cancer, or hereditary disorders that you may not developed, but this knowledge may help you and your healthcare provider to make a more concise and accurate decision in preventing or detect such disorders at an earlier and potentially at a more treatable stage. In any cases relative share some genetic similarity, your result may be informative to your biological relatives.


In the event you are choosing a Family Planning category, then Regene Lab results may show you information that you may or may not know as a carrier of certain genetic conditions that could affect your family, by analyzing the profile risk of potential conditions Regene has based on your genetic/DNA. Regene would like to remind you that if both you and your partner are carriers for a certain condition, in general there is a 25 per cent (or one in four) chance that you may both pass the copy of the gene on to your child.



Regene Lab’s diet, nutrition and fitness categories test results give you further understanding of your own macro and micro nutrient needs, your type of muscle, type of exercise and its recovery rate along with the sports injury risks. Regene hope that you can use this to explore a personalized solution in order to reach your fitness and nutritional goals.


Regene Lab’s drugs response categories may open up your insight in selecting the medication(s) and dose(s) that are best suited to your genetic design. This result may help you identify the right medication with the proper dosage or medication that might be harmful for you. Regene hopes that by providing you with this information, your physician and/or pharmacist may optimize your medication and dosage intake and preventing potentially adverse reaction to your body.

  • SKIN

Regene provides personalized information in regards to your biology age, stretch mark, freckles, wrinkles and other skin condition that might appear as we grow older. Regene helps you in understanding what your skin really needs and why it gave out signs and what that sign means for you.

Limitation Of Testing Services:


Depending on the Testing Service you have selected, such Service is intended to detect mutations within a specified reportable range of selected genes known to be associated with an increased risk for certain types of inherited disorders, personal traits, and/or associated with nutrient needs and exercise responses. However, may not detect every mutation associated with disease risk, and/or detect every mutation associated with exercise responses, nutrient needs or sensitivities. Analysis of results is based on currently available information in the medical journal and scientific databases, as well as laboratory informatics and algorithms that may be subject to change. You hereby irrevocably waive any and all claims against Regene for any amendment or modification that inconsistence from Regene Test result and corresponding services in accordance with Regene’s standard operating procedures, however Regene’s team and professors shall remain updating and improving.

Regene Test utilizes Illumina technology, whereby our base line is using Asian Screening Array which is the base line accurately for all Asian people, unlike another testing baseline. Asian Screening Array improves all the time and comprises of the most complete and accurately proven, base line of Asian genetic reference.

Regene report does not constitute a definitive and current situation/condition, diagnosis or treatment report for the selected condition(s) in an individual. Besides genetic variable, nurture variable such as environmental and other factors including age, gender, lifestyle, diets, accumulation of somatic mutations in the genome, infection of the oncovirus, and / or a smoking history, etc., may also contribute to the development of different diseases or health conditions. Regene Test is not a diagnostic test and should be used in context with other clinical findings by the healthcare provider to help with a diagnosis and treatment plan.


Regene Test only provide reports the presence of inherited genetic variations from Regene selected genes, which were known to have association with development of certain diseases, health conditions or other traits in Asia. Regene Test may not detect all known mutations that results in abnormal biological activity. It is possible that untested site of variation may confer altered biological activity in an individual, leading to the rare possibility of a non-functional, decreased or increased functional allele being erroneously called as “wild-type”. Regene Test results do not eliminate the possibility that the genetic variations may have risk of developing other diseases, including other cancers and carrier diseases.


The breakpoints of large HBA1/HBA2 deletions/duplications are not determined and similar size deletional mutations are not distinguished. In addition, the phase of identified genotypes will not be provided. Individuals carrying both duplication and deletion within the alpha-globin gene cluster may appear to have alpha-globin gene copies with a normal number. This may rarely occur and other similar compensatory changes could exist in both HBA1 and HBA2 genes. This may not be detected by the current test. Acquired or rare syndromic forms of alpha thalassemia associated with ATR-X and ATR-16 syndrome will not be detected. Rare sequence variations can lead to detection errors during the testing process.

All risk estimation is approximate, sometimes cannot be specifically calculated, and is based on previously analysed cohorts. Some estimation of particular categories are gender specific and they might only be applicable/available for certain gender, this shall apply the same on population-specific, that only apply to that certain population. An elevated risk of particular categories is not a diagnosis and does not guarantee that a person will develop the certain characteristics. Regene would like to remind you that incorrect/inaccurate information provided to Regene’s Team will greatly affect the accuracy of the risk calculation.


Report Limitation:

Regene’s report and comments are for informational purposes only and never a specific professional medical advice. This report is based on Regene selected genes and mutations tested. Untested genes, mutations, non-genetic factors and accumulation of somatic mutations will affect your disease, health status and other characteristics.

This report is based solely on the sample and information provided to Regene and does not take all factors related to your health into account. Therefore, Regene’s family shall have no liability to any person or entity with regards to claims, loss, or damage caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly, by the use of information contained herein.

Transplant And Similar Limitation:


Regene’s report reflects the analysis of an extracted DNA sample. In very rare cases (such as circulating hematolymphoid neoplasm, allogeneic bone marrow transplant, recent blood transfusion), the results of Regene Test will be interfered by the neoplastic or the donor DNAs and that the analysed DNA may not represent the your constitutional genome.



Regene offers a platform for additional services through Regene App. at cost, e.g professional consultant including not limited to doctors, nutritionist, life coach, psychiatrist, lab booking and appointment, supplements, medical or skin care or other purchases, logistic along with the installment payment program to help you secure your needs and adjusting it with your economic plan.



The services are provided by a third-party provider consultant services that has been curated by Regene, and by doing this they will have record in regards to your consultancies. You have agreed that as a platform, Regene will help Regene counsellor in keeping track and managing your HP, which Regene will only be providing access to another Regene counselor or partners with your prior approval.


Regene shall not be held liable for any of the recommendation towards Regene counselor as these third-party acts beyond Regene’s limitation, where each has their own experience, knowledge, ethical code, and service level. It shall be your own choice, risk and decision whether to choose to follow the recommendation of Regene’s report or counsellor.


Please note that environmental and lifestyle factors also often play a large role in the risk of developing diseases or health problems. Hence, Regene helps to connect with the healthcare provider for further advice and before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle or before making decisions about medical conditions, or before starting and stopping any treatment prescribed for you. However, feel free to find another or second opinion healthcare provider.



As Regene’s commitment towards providing the best services to you, Regene will give extra credit for every spending at Regene App. Accumulation at least 100 credits within Regene App will allows you to enjoy additional value added services provided by Regene such as; free access to podcast and songs. This value added service belongs to Regene and its content provider, therefore please respect such intellectual property right owner.


The Service provides, and third parties may provide, links to other sites and resources on the Internet. Because Regene has no control over such sites and resources, you acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for the availability of such external sites or resources, and does not endorse and is not responsible or liable for any content, advertising, products, or other materials on or available from such sites or resources. You further acknowledge and agree that we shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any such content, goods, or services available on or through any such hyperlinked site or resource.



Regene Test is not designed to detect chromosomal aneuploidy or complex gene rearrangements, including translocation, large insertions, and inversions, in addition it also does not reliably detect mosaicism. Hence there will be no incidental findings other than the parameters report given to you.



Regene Services includes a report, recommendation that may reveal to you, sensitive information and discussion about your health, your personal traits, or potential risk for developing certain tested diseases or conditions.


Some people feel worried about getting this report. It is normal. Bear in mind that, you may learn information about yourself that you do not anticipate. This information may evoke strong emotions and has the potential to transform your life. You may discover things about yourself that trouble you and that you may not have the ability to control or change, and these outcomes could have social, legal, or economic implications.


Regene Lab may not be able to process your sample, and Regene Lab process may result in errors. While our laboratory adheres to international quality standards, we may not be able to process your sample if your DNA sample does not contain a sufficient volume of DNA, you do not provide enough DNA sample, or the results from processing do not meet our standards for accuracy. If the initial processing fails for any of these reasons, we will reprocess the same sample at no charge to the user. If the second attempt to process the same sample fails, we will offer to send another kit to the user to collect a second sample at no charge. If the user sends another sample and our attempts to process the second sample are unsuccessful, we will not send additional sample collection kits and the user will be entitled solely and exclusively to a complete refund of the amount paid to us, less shipping and handling, provided the user shall not re-submit another sample through a future purchase of the service. If the user breaches this T&C and resubmits another sample through a future purchase of the service and processing is not successful, we will not offer to reprocess the sample or provide the user a refund. Even for processing that meets our high standards, a small, unknown fraction of the data generated during the laboratory process may be un-interpretable or incorrect and therefore may not be able to generate corresponding report(s). As this possibility is known in advance, users are not entitled to refunds where these occur.

The Swab and Return Tube in your sample collection kit are medical grade devices and have limited shelf life. To ensure that your DNA sample meets our standards of quality, please return your DNA sample to us as soon as possible, and in any event no later than three (3) months after your purchase of the Service. We will not to process your DNA sample beyond three (3) months after your purchase. If you have difficulty returning your DNA sample to us, please reach out to our customer services team.

You should not change your health behaviors solely on the basis of information from Regene. Make sure to discuss your Genetic Information with a physician or other health care provider before you act upon the Genetic Information resulting from Regene Services. For most common diseases, the genes we know about are only responsible for a limited fraction of the risk. There may be unknown genes, environmental factors, or lifestyle choices that are far more important predictors. If your data indicate that you are not at elevated genetic risk for a particular disease or condition, you should not feel that you are protected. The opposite is also true; if your data indicate you are at an elevated genetic risk for a particular disease or condition, it does not mean you will definitely develop the disease or condition. In either case, if you have concerns or questions about what you learn through Regene, you should contact your physician or other health care provider.

Genetic research is not comprehensive. While we sequence your whole exome, only a fraction of genetic variations are known to be related to human traits or health conditions. The research community is rapidly learning more about genetics, and an important mission of Regene is to conduct and contribute to this research. In addition, many ethnic groups are not included in genetic studies. Because interpretations provided in our service rely on these published studies, some interpretations may not apply to you. Future scientific research may change the interpretation of your DNA. In the future, the scientific community may show previous research to be incomplete or inaccurate.


Genetic Information you share with others including but not limited with family, friends or employers could be used against your interests. You should be careful about sharing your Genetic Information with others. Furthermore, Genetic Information that you choose to share with your physician or other health care provider may become part of your medical record and through that route be accessible to other health care providers. Even if you share Genetic Information that has no or limited meaning today, that information could have greater meaning in the future as new discoveries are made.

Regene Services and Genetic Information profided by Regene are for research, informational, and educational use only. We do not provide medical advice and/or diagnostic service and/or medical purposes and/or are not a substitute for professional advice from your healthcare provider. This means two things. First, many of the genetic discoveries that we report have not been clinically validated, and the technology we use, which is the same technology used by the research community, to date has not been widely used for clinical testing. Second, in order to expand and accelerate the understanding and practical application of genetic knowledge in health care, we invite all users to participate in Regene Research. Participation in such research is voluntary and based upon your consent. You should always seek the advice of your physician or other healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding diagnosis, cure, treatment, mitigation, or prevention of any disease or other medical condition or impairment or the status of your health.

Regene does not endorse, warranty or guarantee the effectiveness of any specific course of action, resources, tests, physician or other health care providers, drugs, biologics, medical devices or other products, procedures, opinions, or other information that may be mentioned on our website. If we provide to you on our website any recommendations that identify for you, based on your Genetic and Self-Reported Information as well as scientific literature or research, potentially actionable information, this information is intended for informational purposes only and for discussion with your physician or other healthcare provider. As explained on our website, we believe that (a) genetics is only part of the picture of any individual's state of being, (b) the state of the understanding of Genetic Information is rapidly evolving and at any given time we only comprehend part of the picture of the role of genetics, and (c) only a trained physician or other health care provider can assess your current state of health or disease, taking into account many factors, including in some cases your genetics as well as your current symptoms, if any. Reliance on any information provided by Regene, our employees, others appearing on our website at the invitation of Regene, or other visitors to our website is solely at your own risk.


Our tests were validated with 99% accuracy, and supported by a rigorous volume of research conducted by leading science and research institutes around the world. There are certain jurisdictions in which we do not offer our Services because we do not have the requisite licenses.



In consideration of your use of the Services, you agree to: (a) provide true, accurate, current, and complete Registration Information about yourself as prompted by the Service; and (b) maintain and promptly update the Registration Information to keep it true, accurate, current, and complete. If you provide any Registration Information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current, or incomplete, or if Regene has a reasonable ground to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not current, or incomplete, Regene has the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse any and all current or future use of the Service (or any portion thereof). The Services are for use only in the country to which your sample collection kit was shipped from Regene.

After you have made your purchase, you will create an account to consent to and access your Service. NOTE: If you do not provide your consent, we will be unable to continue with Services until you do so. You will create an user id, a password and are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password and account and are fully responsible for all activities that occur under your password or account. If you allow third parties to access Regene's website through your username and password, you will defend and indemnify Regene and its affiliates against any liability, costs, or damages, including attorney fees, arising out of claims or suits by such third parties based upon or relating to such access and use. You agree to (a) immediately notify Regene of any unauthorized use of your password or account or any other breach of security, and (b) ensure that you exit/log out from your account at the end of each session. Regene cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with this Section.

You can stop using the Services at any time. You do not need to inform us when you stop using the Services, unless you request us to delete your Personal Information including test result and information in the acccount. By asking us to delete your data, we will close your account and terminate access to your online account. If account closure is initiated by us for any reason, then we will provide 30 (thirty) calendar days’ notice to you and may suspend access to your online account. During this time, we will continue to accept information access requests until the closure data as notified to you. By closing your account, Regene is not obliged to retain data from that account anymore. We do not have any responsibility for the use of the Services outside the T&C terms or any other terms that apply.



The data gathered, obtained and processed by Regene will be used by Regene AI processing to create lifestyle profile, health profile and in addition will also be used as an internal research and upgrade in order to provide you with a better Services along with providing recommendation, warnings and reminders. This allows Regene to understand you better and be part of your day-to-day life.


The lifestyle profile developed by Regene AI processing shall belong to Regene alone, and Regene has the right to process further or commercialized such result; for avoidance of doubt this is not your health profile or medical record or DNA testing report (please check Privacy Statement for this).


Upon completion of Regene Test, you may view your results in the apps or request a printed pdf version. By continuing to use Regene, you hereby agree that your genetic information, HP, and result can be shared with any healthcare provider of your choice. You also agree that we may communicate with you about your collection kit, order, results, account details, and other logistics and procedures.


Regene store your genotyping data and others data as required by prevailing laws and regulations, and Regene may use this data for subsequent testing or analysis in the event that our review of medical journal and/or changes in technology indicate that such analysis is useful or necessary to confirm results provided.


Regene will not retain any of your DNA sample for it will be destroyed, unless regulation permited. However up to certain period until such time that your sample is destroyed, Regene may (i) de-identify your sample, and (ii) use or store it, for regulatory compliance, internal quality control, laboratory validation studies, or with your consent, research and development.


If a third party provided or paid for (in whole or part) the Service, you hereby acknowledge and agree that your result and HP maybe aggregated and return to its designee as a data analytic resource.



Shall you purchase or order from a clinic or health system, please understand that Regene may provide such clinic or health service provider, your results and information, other genotyping data, HP, and related analyses, for your clinic or health system’s use for treatment, payment, operations, data analytics, research or other purposes for which your clinic or health system has agreed to comply with applicable laws. 

Research and development, processing data:


  • By providing the consent, you acknowledge and agree that we may de-identify genotyped genetic information and aggregate this genetic information with de-identified genetic information from other clients. De-identification means that personal identifiers associated with your genetic information will be removed. The de-identified genetic mutations may be submitted by us to public mutation databases to advance scientific and/or medical research in Indonesia.

  • You also agree that your genetic information, HP, personal data, and results may be stored and used by us for regulatory compliance purposes.

  • With your consent, your genetic information, HP and results may also be de-identified, stored and used for internal quality control; validation studies; research and development; and in publications authored by Regene, either on our own or in collaboration with academic or commercial third parties (which publications may include, for example, blinded diagrams or de-identified family history).


Additional Use Of Your Information:


Regene may engage in research with third parties to develop new tests and inventions, or to validate and improve existing technologies or processes. You acknowledge and understand that Regene may receive financial compensation to conduct such research, which may include providing your de-identified data to such third parties.


Regene’s research database supports research in genetics. Regene may de-identify your demographic, health history, and genetic information in order to aggregate it with other participants’ data and make it available to researchers and the general public, for an indefinite period of time. Genetic information in the database may include mutations beyond those relevant to the product or service you consented to, but they will be de-identified. Participation in this database involves the possible risk that your information might become known to individuals outside of us, or that you may be identifiable from information in the database. Regene will attempt to protect your identity and preserve the confidentiality of your information, and will use commercially reasonable efforts to restrict any searches that identify you as a unique or rare carrier of any mutations.

Dealings With Information Providers And Listed Resources:


Your correspondence or business dealings with/or participation in promotions of information providers, vendors, and/or resources found on or through the Service, including payment and delivery of related goods or services, and any other terms, conditions, warranties, or representations associated with such dealings, are solely between you and such information provider or resource. You acknowledge and agree that Regene shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any sort incurred as the result of any such dealings or as the result of the presence of such information provider or resources on the Service.



You acknowledge that Regene may establish general practices and limits concerning use of the Services, including without limitation the maximum number of days that Personal Information and Services content will be retained by the Service, the maximum disk space that will be allotted on Regene's servers on your behalf, and the maximum number of times (and the maximum duration for which) you may access the Services in a given period of time. You acknowledge and agree that Regene has no responsibility or liability for the deletion of or failure to store any messages, other communications, or other content maintained or transmitted by the Services; or for the loss of Genetic Information due to malfunction or destruction of data servers or other catastrophic events. You further acknowledge that Regene reserves the right to change these general practices and limits in its sole discretion.



Regene reserve the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Services (or any part thereof) with or without notice. You acknowledge and agree that (i) modifications may result in a delay in computations for some of the Regene features or Services, and (ii) Regene shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, suspension, or discontinuance of the Services.


The Software that you use may from time to time automatically download and install updates from us. These updates are designed to improve, enhance, and further develop the Services and may take the form of bug fixes, enhanced functions, new software modules, and completely new versions. You agree to receive such updates (and permit us to deliver these to you) as part of your use of the Services.

You acknowledge that Regene may offer different or additional technologies or features to collect and/or interpret Genetic Information in the future and that your initial purchase of the Service does not entitle you to any different or additional technologies or features for collection or interpretation of your Genetic Information without fee, and that you will have to pay additional fees in order to have your Genetic Information collected, processed, and/or interpreted using any future or additional technologies or features.



For any related payment, if the charge currency differs from your credit card currency, you may be charged a foreign exchange fee by your credit card company. You may also be charged a fee by your credit card company if the credit card and your business are in different countries, regardless of the currency used.



Regene comply with the applicable requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) in general including but not limited Law Number 11 of 2008 regarding Electronic Information and Transactions, Government Regulation Number 82 of 2012 concerning the Operatioan of Electronic System and Transaction, Regulation of Minister of Communications and Informatics of The Republic of Indonesia Number 20 of 2016 concerning Protection of Personal Data In An Electronic System, and Regulation of the Minister of Health Number 269/Menkes/PER/III/2008 concerning Medical Records, any other medical action related under Regulation of the Minister of Health Number 290/Menkes/Per/III/2008 concering Medical Action Consent including all changes from time to time.


You hereby acknowledge that the prevailing Indonesian laws and regulations regarding collection, use, processing, and storage of your Information shall govern Regene performance of the Service and handling of your sample and information. By agreeing to use our Service means you are providing your informed consent.

In order to use the Services, you must first acknowledge and agree to the Privacy Statement. You may not use the Services if you do not accept the Privacy Statement. You can acknowledge and agree to the full Privacy Statement, which is incorporated by reference into these T&C, by (1) clicking to accept or agree to our Privacy Statement, where this option is made available to you by Regene for any Service; or by (2) actually using the Services.

You acknowledge and agree that Regene has the right to monitor any use of its systems by its personnel at any time and maintain copies documenting such monitoring. Our Privacy Statement sets forth the only expectations of privacy any individual should have in T&C of usage of the Regene Services, website, or other systems. If you have given consent for your Genetic Information and Self-Reported Information to be used in Regene Research as described in the Informed Consent form, we may include your information in the Aggregated Genetic and Self-Reported Information we disclose to third parties and/or third-party non-profit and/or commercial research partners which may result in publication of such information in a peer-reviewed scientific journal or may not publish that information in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Regene Research may be sponsored by, conducted on behalf of, or in collaboration with third parties, such as non-profit foundations, academic institutions or healthcare providers. Regene Research may study a specific group or population, identify potential areas or targets for therapeutics development, conduct or support the development of drugs, diagnostics or devices to diagnose, predict or treat medical or other health conditions, work with public, private and/or non-profit entities on genetic research initiatives, or otherwise create, commercialize, and apply this new knowledge to improve health care. We strictly adhere to Indonesia’s data privacy law, and will never release your individual-level Genetic Information and/or Self-Reported Information to any third party without asking for and receiving your consent to do so, unless required by law. When conducting Regene Research, we strictly adhere to ethical and regulatory standards of Indonesia.

Further, you acknowledge and agree that Regene is free to preserve and disclose any and all Personal Information to law enforcement agencies or others if required to do so by law or in the good faith belief that such preservation or disclosure is reasonably necessary to: (a) comply with legal process (such as a judicial proceeding, court order, or government inquiry) or obligations that Regene may owe pursuant to ethical and other professional rules, laws, and regulations; (b) enforce the Regene T&C; (c) respond to claims that any content violates the rights of third parties; or (d) protect the rights, property, or personal safety of Regene, its employees, its users, its clients, and the public. In such event we will notify you through the contact information you have provided to us in advance, unless doing so would violate the law or a court order. You understand that the technical processing and transmission of the Services, including your Personal Information, may involve (a) transmissions over various networks; and (b) changes to conform and adapt to technical requirements of connecting networks, or devices. Finally, Regene may, in its sole discretion, restrict access to the website for any reason.


Regene is using Regene’s best effort to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information as well as to prevent disclosures, Regene implement and frequently review certain physical, managerial, and technical safeguards that are designed to protect the information security incidents. However, Regene cannot guarantee that unauthorised access, disclosure, misuse or loss of Information will never occur. Regene will take highest regards in complying with all prevailing regulatory requirements and in the event of any data or security breach, please refer to investigations, dispute or complaints below.


Regene seeks for your collaboration in maintaining the confidentiality of login credentials and shall be responsible for the activities under your account. Sharing your report or other feature is voluntary and done at your own risk. Regene shall not take any responsibility for any breach of your responsibilities, including but not limited to saving and sharing the access to your account or releasing your Information in public, save and except due the gross negligence or misconduct of Regene’s Team, you will indemnify Regene and Affiliates against any liability or cost arising from claims or loss by other people based on such sharing or publicity.


Please refer to our Privacy Statement to read about data protection related to your information as well asdetailed information about how we collect, use, and share the data we collect from and about you.

shall you have other questions please do not hesitate to contact our customer online service.



If any new tests, technologies, processes, or inventions are made as a result of the research activities described above (whether made by us or by a third party), you agree that you will not receive any compensation, nor will you have any right, title, and/or interest in or to such new or improved tests, technologies, processes, or inventions.


Third parties in this clause may include government, academic, or commercial third parties.




You acknowledge and agree that Regene (or our licensors, as applicable) own all legal right, title, and interest in and to the Services, including any intellectual property rights (including but not limited to patents) which subsist in the Services (whether those rights happen to be registered or not, and wherever in the world those rights may exist). You further acknowledge that the Services may contain information which is designated confidential by Regene and that you shall not disclose such information without Regene prior written consent.

You further acknowledge and agree that the Services and any necessary software used in connection with the Services ("Software") contain proprietary and confidential information that is protected by applicable intellectual property law and other laws. You also further acknowledge and agree that information presented to you through the Services or sponsors is protected by copyrights, trademarks, service marks, patents, or other proprietary rights and laws. Except as expressly authorized by Regene, you agree not to-and not to permit anyone else to-modify, rent, lease, loan, sell, distribute, or create derivative works of, reverse engineer, decompile, or otherwise attempt to extract the source code of the Services or Software or any part thereof, in whole or in part. Software, if any, that is made available to download from the Services, excluding software that may be made available by end-users through the Services, is the copyrighted work of Regene and/or its suppliers. Your use of the Software is governed by the terms of the end user license agreement, if any, which accompanies or is included with the Software ("License Agreement"). You may not install or use any Software that is accompanied by or includes a License Agreement unless you first agree to the License Agreement terms.


Regene, and other Regene logos and product and service names are trademarks of Regene and these marks together with any other Regene trade names, service marks, logos, domain names, and other distinctive brand features are the "Regene Marks". Unless you have agreed otherwise in writing with Regene, other than through the Limited License in Section 11, nothing in the T&C gives you a right to use any Regene Marks and you agree not to display, or use in any manner, Regene Marks.You agree that you shall not remove, obscure, or alter any proprietary rights notices (including copyright and trademark notices) that may be affixed to or contained within the Services.

Unless you have been expressly authorized to do so in writing by Regene, you agree that in using the Services, you will not use any trademark, service mark, trade name, logo of any company or organization in a way that is likely or intended to cause confusion about the owner or authorized user of such marks, names, or logos.

For any Software not accompanied by a License Agreement, we grant you a personal, non-transferable, and non-exclusive right and license to use the object code of its Software on a single computer. You may not (and may not allow any third party to) copy, modify, create a derivative work of, reverse engineer, reverse assemble, or otherwise attempt to discover any source code, sell, assign, sublicense, grant a security interest in, or otherwise transfer any right in the Software unless this is expressly permitted or required by law, or unless you have been specifically told that you may do so by Regene, in writing.

This license is for the sole purpose of enabling you to use and enjoy the benefit of the Services as provided by Regene, in the manner permitted by the T&C. Unless Regene has given you specific written permission to do so, you may not assign (or grant a sublicense of) your rights to use the Software, grant a security interest in or over your rights to use the Software, or otherwise transfer any part of your rights to use the Software. You agree not to modify the Software in any manner or form, or to use modified versions of the Software, including (without limitation) for the purpose of obtaining unauthorized access to the Service. You agree not to access the Service by any means other than through the interface that is provided by Regene for use in accessing the Service. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.


Regene will not, at all times, control any of the User Content posted via the Service and, as such, does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity, or quality of such non-Regene content. Under no circumstances will Regene be liable in any way for any non-Regene content, including, but not limited to, any errors or omissions in any such content, or for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of any such content posted, emailed, or otherwise transmitted via the Services.

You acknowledge that Regene and its designees shall have the right (but not the obligation) in their sole discretion to pre-screen, review, filter, modify, refuse, or move any content that is available via the Services. Without limiting the foregoing, Regene and its designees shall have the right to remove any content that violates the T&C or is deemed by Regene, in its sole discretion, to be otherwise objectionable. You acknowledge and agree that you must evaluate, and bear all risks associated with the use of any content, including any reliance on the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of such content.


User Content. We do not claim ownership of the User Content you provide to us (including feedback and suggestions) or post, upload, input, or submit to the Service. Unless otherwise specified, you retain the copyright and any other rights you already hold over User Content that you create and submit, post, or display on or through the Services. However, by submitting, posting, or displaying User Content, you give us, our affiliated companies, sublicensees (including but not limited to sublicensees who avail themselves of the Limited License granted in Section 11 above) and successors and assigns a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display, distribute, reproduce, edit, re-format, and create derivative works from any User Content that you submit, post, or display on or through the Services. You acknowledge and agree that this license includes a right for us to make such User Content available to other companies, organizations, or individuals with whom we have relationships, and to use such User Content in connection with the provision of those services.

You understand that we, in performing the required technical steps to provide the Services to our users, may (a) transmit or distribute your User Content over various public networks and in various media; and (b) make such changes to your content as are necessary to conform and adapt that content to the technical requirements of connecting networks, devices, services, or media. You acknowledge and agree that this license shall permit us to take these actions. You represent and warrant to us that you have all the rights, power, and authority necessary to grant the above license.


Genetic and/or Self-Reported Information.

Disclosure of Individual-level Genetic and/or Self-Reported Information to third parties will not occur without explicit consent, unless required by law. Please note that Regene cannot control any further distribution of Genetic and/or Self-Reported Information that you share publicly. You acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for protecting and enforcing those rights and that we have no obligation to do so on your behalf.

Your DNA sample, once submitted to and analyzed by us, is processed in an irreversible manner and cannot be returned to you. Kindly see our website for more information on sample processing. Any Genetic Information derived from your DNA sample remains your information, subject to rights we retain as set forth in these T&C. You understand that you should not expect any financial benefit from Regene as a result of having your Genetic Information processed; made available to you; or, as provided in our Privacy Statement and Terms of Service, shared with or included in Aggregated Genetic and Self-Reported Information shared with research partners, including commercial partners.

Waiver of Property Rights.

As stated above, you understand that by providing any sample, having your Genetic Information processed, accessing your Genetic Information, or providing Self-Reported Information, you acquire no rights in any research or commercial products that may be developed by Regene or its collaborating partners. You specifically understand that you will not receive compensation for any research or commercial products that include or result from your Genetic Information or Self-Reported Information.




You acknowledge that all User Content, whether publicly posted or privately transmitted, is the sole responsibility of the person from which such User Content originated. This means that you, and not Regene, are entirely responsible for all User Content that you upload, post, email, or otherwise transmit via the Service.


You acknowledge that the Services content presented to you as part of the Services, whether original Regene Services content or sponsored content within the Services, is protected by copyright and/or other intellectual property rights that are owned by Regene and/or the sponsors who provide that content to Regene (or by other persons or companies on their behalf). Regene grants you a Limited License to copy and distribute free of charge, for non-commercial purposes only, any of the Services content marked as not subject to this Limited License on the website, provided you: (i) provide the Services content as it appears on the Regene website with no changes including but not limited to presenting selections which might tend to misrepresent the substance of the Services content; (ii) include the following attribution on the first page of any materials you distribute: © Regene. 2019. All rights reserved; distributed pursuant to a Limited License from Regene; (iii) agree you have no right to offer anyone else any further right with respect to this Services content. Aside from the Limited License provided in this paragraph, you may not modify, rent, lease, loan, sell, distribute, or create derivative works based on this Services content (either in whole or in part) unless you have been specifically told that you may do so by Regene or by the owners of that content, in a separate agreement.


Other than pursuant to the terms of the Limited License in Section 11 of this T&C or unless otherwise agreed in a separate agreement between you and us, you agree not to display, distribute, license, perform, publish, reproduce, duplicate, copy, create derivative works from, modify, sell, resell, exploit, transfer, or transmit for any commercial purposes, all or any portion of the Service, use of the Service, or access to the Service.



As a condition of your use of the Services, you warrant to us that you will not use the Services for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these T&C, or notices. You may not use the Services in any manner that could damage, disable, overburden, or impair the Services or interfere with any other party's use and enjoyment of the Services. You may not obtain or attempt to obtain any materials or information through any means not intentionally made available or provided for through the Services. You may not use the Services outside of the country and/or region to which your sample collection kit was shipped from us. Furthermore you agree not to use the Services to: (1) upload, post, email, or otherwise transmit any material that is derogatory, defamatory, obscene, or offensive, such as slurs, epithets, or anything that might reasonably be construed as harassment or disparagement based on race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, religious or political beliefs, or other statutorily protected status; (2) impersonate any person or entity, including, but not limited to, anyone affiliated with Regene, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity; (3) add your own headers, forge headers, or otherwise manipulate identifiers in order to disguise the origin of any content transmitted through the Service; (4) "stalk" or otherwise harass another; (5) upload, post, email, or otherwise transmit any content that you do not have a right to transmit under any law or under contractual or fiduciary relationships (such as inside information, proprietary and confidential information learned or disclosed as part of employment relationships or under nondisclosure agreements); (6) use any information received through the Services to attempt to identify other customers, to contact other customers or for any forensic use; (7) download any file posted by another user of the Service that you know, or reasonably should know, cannot legally be distributed in such manner; (8) upload, post, email or otherwise transmit any content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, or other proprietary rights ("Rights") of Regene or any other party; (9) harm minors in any way; (10) advertise or offer to sell or buy any goods or services for any business purpose, unless such area specifically allows such messages; (11) upload, post, email, or otherwise transmit any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, "junk mail," "spam," "chain letters," "pyramid schemes," or any other form of solicitation, except in those areas that are designated for such purpose and only to the extent such content is authorized by law; (12) upload, post, email, or otherwise transmit any material that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files, or programs designed to interrupt, destroy, or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment; (13) use manual or automated software, devices, scripts robots, other means or processes to access, "scrape," "crawl" or "spider" any web pages or other services contained in the site, unless explicitly permitted by Regene; (14) engage in "framing," "mirroring," or otherwise simulating the appearance or function of Regene's website; (15) attempt to or actually override any security component of Regene web services including but not limited to mobile app; (16) interfere with or disrupt the Service or servers or networks connected to the Service, or disobey any requirements, procedures, policies, or regulations of networks connected to the Service; (17) violate these T&C, any code of conduct or other guidelines which may be applicable for any particular area of the Service or have been communicated to you by anyone affiliated with Regene; or (18) intentionally or unintentionally violate any applicable Indonesia, local, state, national, or international laws, or any regulations having the force of law.

You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for (and that we have no responsibility to you or to any third party for) any breach of your obligations under the T&C and for the consequences (including any loss or damage which we may suffer) of any such breach. In case of breach of any one of these T&C we have the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse any and all current or future use of the Services (or any portion thereof) and you will defend and indemnify us and its affiliates against any liability, costs, or damages arising out of the breach of the representation.

If you violate the terms of this Section and/or we have a reasonable ground to suspect that you have violated the terms of this Section, Regene has the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse any and all current or future use of the Service (or any portion thereof).



  1. "Regene" means Regene, which is owned by PT REGENE ARTIFISIAL INTELIGEN (including its subsidiaries and affiliates, collectively as “Regene”, “Regene Team”, “Regene Lab” and “Regene Family”) with principal place of business at *.

  2. "Regene Research" means scientific and/or medical research and development that Regene performs, the result of which may be published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

  3. "Product Development" means research performed for the purpose of new product development and new product development activities performed by Regene on anonymised user data. These activities may include, among other things, improving our Services and/or offering new products or services to you; performing quality control activities; conducting data analysis.

  4. "Service" or "Services" means Regene Test(s), products, mobile app, software, services, podcast, appointment/scheduling, consultation and website (including but not limited to text, graphics, images, and other material and information) as accessed from time to time by the user, regardless if the use is in connection with an account or not, including but not limited to a) submitting a DNA sample for DNA extraction and processing, b) uploading a digital version of your Genetic Information and interacting with it on the Regene website, and/or c) creating and using a free Regene account without providing your DNA sample or Genetic Information;

  5. "Personal Information" is information that can be used to identify you, either alone or in combination with other information. Regene collects and stores the following types of Personal Information:

    1. "Registration Information" is the information you provide about yourself when registering for and/or purchasing our Services (e.g. name, phone number, email, address, user ID and password, and payment information).

    2. "Genetic Information" is information regarding your genotype (e.g. the As, Ts, Cs, and Gs at particular locations in your genome), generated through processing of your DNA sample by Regene or by its contractors, successors, and assignees; or otherwise processed by and/or contributed to Regene.

    3. "Self-Reported Information" is all information about yourself, including your disease conditions, other health-related information, personal traits, ethnicity, and other information that you enter into surveys, forms, or features while signed in to your Regene account. Self-Reported Information is included in Regene Research only if it has been indicated for Regene Research use on the website and if you have given consent according to the Informed Consent Form.

    4. "User Content" is all information, data, text, software, music, audio, photographs, graphics, video, messages, or other materials - other than Genetic Information and Self-Reported Information-generated by users of Regene Services and transmitted, whether publicly or privately, to or through Regene.

    5. "Web Behavior Information" is information on how you use the Regene (e.g. browser type, domains, page views) collected through log files, cookies, and web beacon technology.

    6. "Aggregated Genetic and Self-Reported Information" is Genetic and Self-Reported Information that has been combined with that of other users and analyzed or evaluated as a whole, such that no specific individual may be reasonably identified.

    7. “Personal Health Profile” or “HP” is the information you provide about your personal health profile such as your medical record, etc.

  6. “Informed Consent” means any consent that you give in relation to a medical action to be taken through Regene Services as regulated in accordance with the provisions of the applicable regulations.


  1. Whether you submit your own DNA sample, or otherwise provide your own Genetic Information, or a DNA sample or Genetic Information of whom you have the legal authority to do so, you may not use the Services and may not accept the T&C if (1) you are not of legal age to form a binding contract with Regene, or (2) you are a person barred from receiving the Services, under the laws of the jurisdiction in which you are resident or from which you use the Services.

  2. In addition to the conditions above, if you contribute or otherwise provide Genetic Information/HP of your own, or of whom you have the legal authority to act on his or her behalf, you must be having legal capacity to agree to these T&C on behalf of yourself or those for whom you have the legal authority to agree to these T&C.



By accessing Regene Services, you agree to, acknowledge, and represent as follows:


  1. You understand that information you learn from Regene is not designed, and should not be used to, to independently diagnose, prevent, or treat any condition or disease or to ascertain the state of your health in the absence of medical and clinical information. You understand that the Regene Services are intended for research, informational, and educational purposes only, and that while Regene information might point to a diagnosis or to a possible treatment, it should always be confirmed and supplemented by additional medical and clinical testing and information. You acknowledge that Regene urges you to seek the advice of your physician or other health care provider if you have questions or concerns arising from your Genetic Information.

  2. You give permission to Regene, its contractors, successors and assignees to perform DNA processing services on the DNA extracted from your DNA sample and you specifically request Regene to disclose the results of analyses performed on your DNA to you and to others you specifically authorise.

  3. You represent that you are eighteen (18) years of age or older if you are providing a DNA sample or accessing Genetic Information of yourself or in the capacity as parent or guardian of a child below 18 years of age.

  4. You are guaranteeing that any sample you provide is your DNA; if you are agreeing to these T&C on behalf of a person for whom you have legal authorization, you are confirming that the sample provided will be the sample of that person.

  5. If you are a customer outside Indonesia providing a DNA sample, you confirm that this act is not subject to any export ban or restriction in the country in which you reside.

  6. You agree that any DNA sample you provide and all resulting data may be transferred and/or processed outside the country in which you reside.

  7. You are warranting that you are not an insurance company or an employer attempting to obtain information about an insured person or an employee.

  8. You are aware that some of the information you receive may provoke strong emotion.

  9. You take responsibility for all possible consequences resulting from your sharing with others access to your Genetic Information and your Self-Reported Information.

  10. You understand that all your Personal Information will be stored in our and our vendors’ databases and will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Statement.

  11. Waiver of Property Rights: You understand that by providing any sample, having your Genetic Information processed, accessing your Genetic Information, or providing Self-Reported Information, you acquire no rights in any research or commercial products that may be developed by Regene or its collaborating partners. You specifically understand that you will not receive compensation for any research or commercial products that include or result from your Genetic Information or Self-Reported Information.

  12. You agree that you have the authority, under the laws of Indonesia or jurisdiction in which you reside, to provide these representations. In case of breach of any one of these representations Regene has the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse any and all current or future use of the Services (or any portion thereof) and you will defend and indemnify Regene and its affiliates against any liability, costs, or damages arising out of the breach of the representation.



You agree to defend and hold us, and our subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, contractors, partners, employees, successors, and assigns harmless from any claim, or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of User Content you submit, post to, or transmit through the Service; your use of the Service; your connection to the Service; your violation of the T&C; or your violation of any rights of another.

If you have submitted a DNA sample or otherwise provided your own Genetic Information, you will defend and hold harmless Regene, its employees, contractors, successors, and assigns from any liability arising out of the use or disclosure of any information obtained from analyzing your DNA sample and/or analyzing your Genetic Information, which is disclosed to you consistent with our Privacy Statement or results from any third-party tools we provide. In addition, if you choose to provide your Individual Genetic and/or Self-Reported Information to third parties - whether individuals to whom you facilitate access, intentionally or inadvertently, or to third parties for diagnostic or other purposes - you agree to defend and hold harmless us, our employees, contractors, successors, and assigns from any and all liability arising from such disclosure or use of your Genetic and/or Self-Reported Information.



Recognising the global nature of the Internet, you agree to comply with all local rules regarding online conduct and acceptable content. Specifically, you agree 1) that providing your sample is not subject to any export ban or restriction in the country and/or region in which you reside and/or which you order the sample collection kit from, 2) that your sample and data may be transferred and/or processed outside the country / region in which you reside and/or which you order the sample collection kit from, and 3) that you will comply with all applicable laws regarding the transmission of technical data exported from Indonesia or the country/region from which you access Regene's Services online.



The T&C will continue to apply until terminated by either you or Regene as set out in this Section

If you want to terminate your legal agreement with Regene, you may do so by notifying Regene at any time in writing, which will entail closing your accounts for all of the Services that you use. Your notice should be sent, in writing, to Regene's address, or via email at . If you provide notice online, Regene will send you an email asking you to confirm your request, and your notice will be effective following receipt of an email confirmation.


We may at any time, terminate its legal agreement with you (and in conjunction therewith, your password and account(s)) if: (1) you have breached any provision of the T&C (or have acted in a manner which shows that you do not intend to, or are unable to comply with the provisions of the T&C); (2) We are required to do so by law or regulation (for example, where the provision of the Services to you is, or becomes, unlawful); (3) the partner with whom we offered the Services to you has terminated its relationship with us or ceased to offer the Services to you; (4) we are transitioning to no longer providing the Services to users in the country or state in which you reside or from which you use the Services; or (5) the provision of the Services to you by us is, in our opinion, no longer commercially viable.

Any suspected fraudulent, abusive, or illegal activity that may be grounds for termination of your use of the Services may be referred to appropriate law enforcement authorities. You acknowledge and agree that we shall not be liable to you or any third party for any termination of your access to the Services.



You expressly acknowledge and agree that: (1) Your uses of the Services are at your sole risk. The Services are provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. We expressly disclaim all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, tittle and non-infringement. (2) We make no warranty that (a) the Services will meet your requirements; (b) the Services will be uninterrupted, timely, unfailingly secure, or error-free; (c) the results that may be obtained from the use of the Services will be accurate or reliable; (d) the quality of any products, services, information, or other material purchased or obtained by you through the Services will meet your expectations and (e) any errors in the software will be corrected. (3) Any material downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of the Services is done at your own discretion and risk and that you will be solely responsible for any damage to your smart phone or computer system or loss of data that results from the download of any such material. (4) No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by you from us or through or from the Services shall create any warranty not expressly stated in the T&C. (5) You should always use caution when giving out any personally identifying information about yourself or those for whom you have legal authority. We do not control or endorse any actions resulting from your participation in the Services and, therefore, we specifically disclaim any liability with regard to any actions resulting from your participation in the services.


Within the limits allowed by applicable laws, you expressly acknowledge and agree that we shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or exemplary damages, including but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses (even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages), resulting from: (a) the use or the inability to use the services; (b) any action you take based on the information you receive in through or from the services, (c) your failure to keep your password or account details secure and confidential, (d) the cost of procurement of substitute goods and services resulting from any goods, data, information, or services purchased or obtained or messages received or transactions entered into through or from the services; (e) unauthorised access to or alteration of your transmissions or data; (f) the improper authorisation for the services by someone claiming such authority; or (g) statements or conduct of any third party on the services.


Regene may make changes to the T&C from time to time. When these changes are made, Regene will make a new copy of the T&C available on its website and any new additional terms will be made available to you from within, or through, the affected Services.


You acknowledge and agree that if you use the Services after the date on which the T&C have changed, Regene will treat your use as acceptance of the updated T&C.


If you violate the terms of these T&C and/or Regene has a reasonable ground to suspect that you have violated the terms of these T&C, Regene has the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse any and all current or future use of the Services (or any portion thereof).


Notice to you may be made via either email or regular mail. Regene may also provide notices of changes to the T&C or other matters by displaying notices or links to notices to you generally on or through the Services.

Official notices related to this T&C must be sent to us at:


Jl. Metro Pondok Indah No.TB 35, RT.15/RW.13, Pd. Pinang, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12310

Additionally, Regene accepts service of process at this address. Any notices that you provide without compliance with this section on Notices shall have no legal effect.


When the T&C come to an end, all of the legal rights, obligations, and liabilities that you and us have benefited from, been subject to (or which have accrued over time while the T&C have been in force) or which are expressed to continue indefinitely, shall be unaffected by this cessation/termination, and the provisions of sections: 2. GENERAL LIMITATION; 3. RISKS AND CONSIDERATIONS REGARDING REGENE SERVICES;  4. ACCOUNT CREATION, CUSTOMER ACCOUNT, PASSWORD, AND SECURITY OBLIGATIONS; 5.   DATA OPERATED; 6. GENERAL PRACTICES REGARDING USE AND STORAGE; 9.REGENE PRIVACY STATEMENT, DISCLOSURE OF INFORMATION, DAN DATA SECURITY; 10. PROPRIETARY; 11. LIMITED LICENSE; 12. NO RESALE OF SERVICE 13. CUSTOMER CONDUCT - UNLAWFUL AND PROHIBITED USE; 14. DEFINITIONS; 15. CONSENT; 16. USER REPRESENTATIONS; 17. INDEMNITY; 19. TERMINATION; 20. DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES; 21. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY; 22. CHANGES TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS; 23. VIOLATION OR SUSPECTED VIOLATION OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS; 24. NOTICE; 25. SURVIVAL OF TERMS; 26. MISCELLANEOUS shall continue to apply to such rights, obligations, and liabilities indefinitely.



a. Entire Agreement. This T&C constitutes the entire agreement between you and us and govern your use of the Services, superseding any prior agreements between you and Regene on this subject. You also may be subject to additional terms and conditions that may apply when you use affiliate services, third-party content, or third-party software.

b. Applicable Law and Arbitration. Any dispute, controversy, difference or claim arising out of or relating to this contract, including the existence, validity, interpretation, performance, breach or termination thereof or any dispute regarding non-contractual obligations arising out of or relating to the Services and T&C shall be referred to and finally resolved by arbitration administered by the Indonesian National Arbitration Board (BANI) under the Arbitration rules in force when the Notice of Arbitration is submitted. The law of this arbitration clause shall be Indonesian law. The seat of arbitration shall be Indonesia.

c. Waiver. The failure of Regene to exercise or enforce any right or provision of the T&C shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision. If any provision of the T&C is found to be invalid, the parties nevertheless agree to give effect to the parties' intentions as reflected in the provision, and the other provisions of the T&C remain in full force and effect.

d. Statue of Limitation. You agree that regardless of any statute or law to the contrary, any claim or cause of action arising out of or related to use of the Services or the T&C must be filed within one (1) year after such claim or cause of action arose or forever be barred.

e. Admissibility Of Printed Version. A printed version of this T&C and of any notice given in electronic form shall be admissible in judicial or administrative proceedings based upon or relating to this T&C to the same extent and subject to the same conditions as other business documents and records originally generated and maintained in printed form.

f. Section Titles. The section titles in the T&C are for convenience only and have no legal or contractual effect.

g. Severability Clause. If any portion of these T&C is found to be unenforceable, the remaining portion will remain in full force and effect.

h. Amendments. We reserve the right to modify, supplement or replace the terms of the T&C, effective upon posting at or notifying you otherwise. If you do not want to agree to changes to the T&C, you can terminate the T&C at any time per Section 19 (Termination).

i. Assignment. You may not assign or delegate any rights or obligations under the T&C. Any purported assignment and delegation shall be ineffective. We may freely assign or delegate all rights and obligations under the Agreement, fully or partially without notice to you. We may also substitute, by way of unilateral novation, effective upon notice to you, Regene for any third party that assumes our rights and obligations under this T&C.

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